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Hit with a miss


A Hit with a Miss is a 1945 film featuring Shemp Howard. It is a remake of the Three Stooges film Punch Drunks, even re-using some footage of Larry Fine.


Playing violin at McGurn's cafe in exchange for a bowl of soup, Prof. Perriwinkle's version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" turns waiter Rameses (Shemp Howard) into a whirlwind, knocking out customer Killer Kilduff, the boxing champ. Promoter Jonesy immediately signs Rameses and Perriwinkle, and the three set out to make Rameses the new champ. At the championship bout, the prof's violin is smashed and he goes mad attempting to find a miracle. Rameses is left to stall and keep Kilduff from pounding him into the canvas.

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