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Bride and gloom

The chump meet the champ...

Bride and Gloom was an American comedy short released by Columbia Pictures on March 27, 1947. The short was directed by Edward Bernds and starred Shemp Howard, Christine McIntyre, Jean Willes, Dick Curtis, Vernon Dent and Emil Sitka. This was 9th and last of nine shorts that featured Shemp in his non-Stooges' leading character at his own Columbia series which lasted from April 1944 to February 1946.


Late for his wedding to Sally (Jean Willes), Shemp borrows a car with no brakes and crashes into a hydrant, which drenches bystander Maisy Keeler (Christine McIntyre). Brakes or not, Shemp heads for the church again, this time with Maisy in the back seat as he gives her a ride home. Of course her home is across the street from the church, and Shemp is left to face a furious Joe Keeler (Dick Curtis), the boxing champ. Back at his car dealership, Shemp's first order of business is delivering a new car to... the Keelers. Naturally, Sally thinks this is a rendevous and decides to leave Shemp. She puts their new home up for rent, and who should move in but... the Keelers. Shemp knows nothing of this, and decides to go back to his new bride in the middle of the night, and is soon in pajamas in the Keelers' bedroom.


  • This short was just released 21 days after Three Stooges' short Fright Night (which starred Shemp for the first time in his comeback to the team after 14 years).

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