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Crazy House is a 1943 comedy film starring Ole Olson and Chic Johnson.


Universal Studios panics when Olsen & Johnson return to Hollywood to produce the film version of CRAZY HOUSE, and bans them from the studio. "Universal's # 1 comedy team is here." "Oh, Abbott & Costello... send 'em in!" So Ole & Chic, with help of former Universal director 'Mac' MacLean (Patric Knowles), create their own production company, Miracle Pictures... "If you can watch our movie, it must be a Miracle!"

The boys want Cass Daley to star, but accidentally sign her identical cousin Sadie Silverfish instead, and then cast former carhop waitress Marjorie Nelson, aka Marjorie Wyndingham, as their new romantic singing sensation. Their financing partner, millionaire Col. Merriwether (Percy Kilbride), is actually penniless and nuttier than a fruitcake.

The businessmen providing studio and facilities (Richard Lane, Billy Gilbert, Chester Clute, Andrew Tombes) know the truth about Merriwether, plan an attachment on the film when Merriwether can't pay the bills, and then sell CRAZY HOUSE to the highest bidder. When Ole & Chic get wise, the fight goes to court, with Edgar Kennedy doing his patented slow burn as the Judge.

Shemp Howard costars as 'Mumbo', an O&J stooge who hilariously touts a deal in every reel... "Wanna buy a beehive? You won't get stung."... "Wanna buy an anchor? Fresh off the boat."

The film also features cameo appearances by Count Basie, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce (in the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson), and Andy Devine among others.

The Three StoogesEdit

The film contains a trio of veteran Three Stooges alumni lead by Shemp Howard as "Mumbo." Fred Sanborn, who was the fourth Stooge in the team's debut feature Soup to Nuts plays "Jumbo." And Frank Mitchell in the patsy role as "Dumbo." Mitchell was part of the Three Stooges team twice in his career; a brief tenure with Ted Healy in the early vaudeville days of the team, and again in the 70's taking over for an ailing Moe Howard (Mitchell was the only actor to ever officially replace Moe Howard as a Stooge).

Crazy House is the only appearance of this unofficial team of Stooges, and the only known footage of Frank Mitchell as a Stooge in any capacity.

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