Gypped In The Penthouse

Gypped in the Penthouse is the one-hundred-sixty-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


At the Woman Haters Club, Larry and Shemp exchange stories of their disastrous encounters with a gold digger, who turns out to be the same woman (Jean Willes). Jane became engaged to Larry, only to dump him when Moe shows up with a larger diamond ring. Shemp is a good samaritan, who winds up in Jane's apartment after a good deed, and chased by her husband Moe when he returns home early (Jane explains, "He was on a business trip. That's separated, isn't it?!")

After telling their stories, they drown their sorrows in beer, and Shemp and Larry are introduced by fellow club member Charlie (Emil Sitka), to the club's newest recruit: Moe.



  • Much like their previous film, Woman Haters, Moe and Larry join the club in this short film.

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