Hercules is the famous hero of Greek literature. He appeared in the film the Three Stooges meet Hercules. He was played by Samson Burke.

  • History

Hercules is a famous and well known hero who was living in Ithaca Greece at least that what the Stooges thought, Hercules acted more like a jerk than a hero. When the Three Stooges had arrived their, they start messing around with things and are eventually spotted by Hercules, who chases them into another room. He easily breaks a part of the door down, and Moe proceeds to bite his hand. He runs to the door and the stooges open it. He bounces back and forth, and eventually the Stooges are captured and taken to a slave ship.

When the stooges were on the slave ship, they were able to turn their friend Schuyler Davis from a whip into their own Hercules, eventually the Stooges were able to think up a plan to get back into the palace, where they were going to rescue their friend Diane who the king had taken to be their bride.

The Stooges returned and were captured yet again. Schuyler forced into a battle with Hercules, who wanted to restore his pride. Schuyler was pounced by Hercules, but didn't give up. Eventually Schuyler was able to get Hercules onto his feet, and promised that he spare him if he'd change his way. He let the Three Stooges free, and easily took care of the guards. His fate was left unknown.

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