Hollywood Party is a musical film starring Jimmy Durante. It was directed by Roy Rowland and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The film was not a financial or critical success and is mostly remembered today because it features 31 stars such as Ted Healy & his Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard), Laurel and Hardy (in their final appearance for MGM) and Mickey Mouse, who introduces a Technicolor sequence, "The Hot Chocolate Soldiers", created by Walt Disney.


Jimmy Durante's "Schnarzan" movies are losing popularity to a competing studio's "Liondora" (George Givot) series. Hearing that the famous Baron Munchausen is coming to town, complete with lions captured in an African safari, Durante throws a huge Hollywood party in the Baron's honor, hoping to buy the lions for his films.

Ted and the Stooges appear as photographers hoping to get photos and autographs of the celebrities attending the party, with a funny scene where three professors argue over the Stooges' proper place in the evolutionary ladder. Most of the Stooges scenes are ended in production cut room

Laurel and Hardy got a larger comic scene in this film. First, they appear at the door while the party is happening. They sold the lions to Baron Munchausen (Jack Pearl) and he paid with a cheque for 50,000 tiddlywinks and they want the lions back. The doorman refuses them entry so they lock him out and go looking for the Baron.

Stan and Ollie can't find the Baron and end up at a bar. At the bar Lupe Velez has been refused another drink and she screams her displeasure. They have a classic tit-for-tat argument with eggs. The doorman spots Stan and Ollie and gives chase. They end up outside and release the lions.

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