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Hot Steel Lobby Card

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 Hot Steel was a feature film produced by Universal Studios and released on May 24,1940.


Frank Stewart while at the steel town of Arlington meets his old friend Matt Morrison who gives him a job at Farley Steelyards. Rita Martin, wife of Dave Martin, is having an affair with the company's manager George Barnes. Mrs Carlton and Rita murder Dave by accident and steal a sample of alloy so they can meet their goal of framing Frank for the murder of Dave.


  • Richard Arlen as Frank Stewart
  • Andy Devine as Matt Morrison
  • Peggy Moran as Babe Morrison
  • Anne Nagel as Rita Martin
  • Donald Briggs as George Barnes
  • Joe Besser as Siggie Landers
  • Robert Emmett O'Connor as Police Inspector
  • Wade Boteler as Joe Farley
  • James Flavin as Storm Swenson
  • Edward McWade as Carlton
  • Billy Wayne as Dave Martin
  • Myra McKinney as Elvira Appleby
  • Dorothy Vaughan as Mrs. Morrison
  • Thomas E. Jackson as Detective
  • Emmett Vogan as Jacobs

Stooge AppearanceEdit

  • This is a Joe Besser solo feature film, he appears as Siggie Landers an employee of the steelyard company..

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