It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Screenshot
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is a comedy film released in 1963. The film features Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Jim Backus and Spencer Tracy.
Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Poster

The film was directed by Stanley Kramer and was written by Tania Rose and William Rose and was originally released on November 7, 1963.

The Three Stooges make a cameo as airport fireman relating back to their first feature film Soup to Nuts which was released in 1930, Former stooge Joe Besser was originally offered the role of Irvin the Garage Mechanic but then the role went to Marvin Kaplan.

Plot: Smiler Grogan before dying tells the protagonists about $350,000 which he had hid before getting sent to prison 15 years earlier. Grogan gives details of the buried treasure of $350,000. This causes the protagonists to engage in a car chase. Later Benji and Dingy are trapped in a plane after Tyler Fitzgerald drinks too much causing him to hit his head and becomes unconsicious.

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