King herman

King Herman

King Herman was the overthrown king of Moronica. He was overthrown because of three munitions who though their country needed a change. His daughter eventually went back to Mornica in an attempt to get her father back on the thrown. She disguised herself, and the stooges though she was a spy. Eventually she gathered a huge mob to storm at Hailstone's palace, and the Three Stooges escaped into a lion den. Later the three munitions had gotten tired of the dictator they put in charge, and decided they wanted Herman back as their king. They became the axis and a war errupted and the Three Stooges won. Moe asked Herman to surrender the globe they had fought over. Herring, who is having enough of Hailstone's antics, grabs the exploding ball and throws it against the floor in anger, blowing up the meeting room. Herman is later shown as king, and the three stooges are on his wall as hunting trophies.

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