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Meet the Baron a 1933 comedy film starring Jack Pearl, Jimmy Durante, Edna May Oliver, Zasu Pitts, Ted Healy and his Stooges.


A couple of bungling idiots (Jimmy Durante and Jack Pearl) are abandoned in the deep jungles of Africa by Baron Munchausen. When a rescue team searching for the lost Baron stumble across the pair, they mistake Pearl for the missing Baron, and take the two of them back to America where they receive a hero's welcome. The phony Baron is invited to speak at Cuddle College, run by Dean Primrose (Edna May Oliver). There he finds a love interest in Zasu Pitts, meets four crazy janitors (Ted Healy and His Stooges), and faces exposure as a fraud!

The Three Stooges were still working with Healy, shortly before they signed their contract with Columbia Pictures.


  • The title of the film refers to Pearl's character of Baron Munchhausen, which he made famous on his radio show.
  • The film has become famous due to a racy Pre-Code scene with college co-eds taking a group shower.

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