Mr. noisy

Shemp "terrorizes" all around him with his insults and keep heckling the baseball players

Mr. Noisy was an American comedy short released by Columbia Pictures on March 22, 1947. This short was directed by Edward Bernds and starred Shemp Howard, Vernon Dent, Walter Soderling, Bess Flowers, Matt Willis and Brian O'Hara. This was 6th of nine shorts that featured Shemp in his non-Stooges' leading character at his own Columbia series which lasted from 1944 to 1947


Shemp plays an annoying, obnoxious fan at a baseball game and terrorizes all around him! His constant heckling of the Green Sox's best hitter, Ole Margarine (Matt Willis), catches the attention of two racketeers. They're betting their money on the other team, and want Mr. Noisy to distract Margarine enough for the Green Sox to lose the Series. But Ole and the Coach (Brian O'Hara) hatch their own scheme to keep Noisy quiet


  • This short is a remake of 1940 Columbia Charley Chase's The Hecklers.
  • According to some Three Stooges' fans, Mr. Noisy is their favorite Shemp Howard's solo Columbia short
  • This short was just released 16 days after Fright Night, the short which featured Shemp in his comeback to the team as Third Stooge after 14 years.

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