Pardon My Terror
Pardon My Terror is the short subject starring Richard Lane and Gus Schilling. This short actually planned to featured The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard), but reassigned to Columbia-paired comedy duo, Schilling and Lane when Curly suffered a debilitating stroke on May 6, 1946. The supporting cast also includes Christine McIntyre, Lynne Lyons, Philip Van Zandt, Kenneth McDonald, Dick Wessel, Vernon Dent, Emil Sitka, and Dudley Dickerson.


The two half-witted private detectives Dick and Gus are asked to investigate the disappearance and possible murder of her wealthy grandfather Jonas Morton. The duo encounter houseguest Mr. Grooch and his two assistants, who are behind the goings-on, and plotting to steal the Morton fortune. Creepy butler Jarvis also seems to have an ulterior motive. Dick and Gus' presence is not appreciated, and they find themselves the targets of poison, gunfire, and an electrifying death trap.


  • Pardon My Terror actually had several similar elements with the 1945's Three Stooges short, If a Body Meets a Body.
  • According to Ed Bernds, because the short was already set to go into production when Curly fell ill, there was no time to rewrite it. Instead, it went before the cameras "as is," with Dick and Gus working off the original Stooge script. Schilling assumed most of Curly's lines, Lane took on Moe's lines, and Larry's material was split between the two actors. Bernds eventually rewrote parts of the script later, adhering Curly's part for Shemp Howard, who replaced him in the act. The final result was one of the Stooges' finest films, Who Done It?
  • Had the Three Stooges appeared this would've been the only time in which Dick Wessel has a major role in a short with Curly, he had a small role as a gunnery soldier in the 1936 short Half Shot Shooters.

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