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Slappily Married was an American short subject by Columbia Pictures, released on November 7, 1946. The short was directed by Edward Bernds. It starred Joe DeRita, Christine McIntyre, Dorothy Granger, and Dick Wessel. This was the first of four shorts that DeRita made with Columbia from November 1946-April 1948.


Joe Bates (DeRita) is a happily-married husband who owns a dress shop, who finds out that today is Friday the 13th, a day that Joe strongly dreads. He decides not to go to work to avoid any catastrophes, but his wife (McIntyre) simply dismisses it and tells him that it's just a superstition. Joe agrees with her and decides to start making breakfast, but things quickly go wrong. Food begins to fly everywhere, dishes fall and break all over the place and a bowl of waffle batter drapes all over Joe. When his wife returns to the kitchen, she tells him that yesterday was Friday the 13th and to start getting ready for work.

Later at the dress shop, Joe gets himself in hot water when he mistakes a female customer (Dorothy Granger) for a mannequin. Her jealous husband (Dick Wessel) goes over to find out what is going on, a nervous Joe tells him that it was a misunderstanding. Another problem occurs shortly after when the same female customer and another one (Jean Dohanue) get into a scuffle involving a hat they both want to purchase. Joe tries to break up the fight, but ends up getting knocked to the floor along with the first customer. Joe's wife and the jealous husband show up and Joe's wife, thinking that he is cheating on him runs off and Joe gets punched out by the jealous husband onto a cart of hats which breaks apart. Joe eventually tracks down his wife at the Amazon hotel, which is a hotel only for women. The concierge (Symona Boniface) tells Joe that she was given orders by his wife that she doesn't want to be disturbed, but Joe manages to disguise himself as a woman to find the room his wife is, but winds up in the same room with the female customer he met earlier at the shop. He also has to dodge the jealous husband and a female house detective, before finally reuniting with his wife at the end.


  • This was a remake of the Andy Clyde's 1943 short, A Maid Made Mad.

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