Slapstick is a form of comedy, that is exemplified as extreme excessive violence of the physical nature; in other words slapstick is not a easy type of comedy to master and may be dangerous if preformed incorrectly. Many people believe that Charlie Chaplin created this form of comedy.

Three StoogesEdit

The Three Stooges were often regarded to as masters when it came to slapstick, and are well known for their violent slapstick, of which they used for all of the films that they appeared in. A majority of the comedy that came from the Stooges was slapstick, usually Moe inflicted the damage on either of the other stooges (Larry or Curly/Shemp/Joe/Curly Joe. These moves were practiced and each had a special method as to cause minimum actual pain. When weapons or tools were used as a part of the stunt they were rubber or foam, made to look real.

Another trait of slapstick is the essence of appropriate and hilarious sounds provided by an early sound making tool aptly named a "Slapstick." All of the choreographed eye pokes, gut punches, and hair pulls could all be have recreated sounds with this tool and others.


The Three stooges will always be remembered for implementing their slapstick tactics.

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