Good bad egg

The Good Bad Egg was an American comedy short released by Columbia Pictures on March 20, 1947. The short was directed by Jules White. It stars Joe DeRita, Vernon Dent, Dorothy Granger, Norman Ollestead and Symona Boniface. This was the second of four shorts that DeRita made at Columbia from November 1946-April 1948.


Joe Priggle (DeRita) is an inventor staying at a rest home where he tells the story to its proprietor (Dent) his strong dislike, eggs. It all starts when he fouls up one of his inventions to a client (Emil Sitka) when he finds an egg with an address written on it, the address belongs to a single woman Florabell (Granger). He ends up marrying her, but soon dinds out that she has an obnoxious brat of a son Rudolph (Norman Ollestead). He causes nothing but trouble for Joe by shooting him in the rear end with a slingshot, a BB gun and gets blown to bits by a miniature cannon. Meanwhile, Joe is busy working on his latest invention, a state-of-the-art dishwasher. The first time he uses it, it destroys all of Florabell's fine chinaware.


  • This was a remake of Andy Clyde's 1937 short, Knee Action

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