The Steve Allen Show was a show broadcasted on 1956- 1960 on NBC and later 1961 on ABC. The show featured many guest stars. The Three Stooges were on the show three times.

January 11, 1959, Hospital Operation/ The Three Stooges perform a hospital surgery with Moe as the doctor Curly Joe as the nurse and Larry as the unwilling patient.

1959 February 22, 1959, Stand In/ The three stooges show us a stunt double works. Moe has come down pneumonia and so he becomes the director. Larry is the actor and Curly Joe is the stunt double. Each time Larry is about to get involved with action scene Moe shouts, "Cuts" and Curly Joe comes in and gets clobbered. Larry gets all the credit for the terrific scenes. At the end, Larry is about to be shoved into the box when Moe shouts, "Cut". Curly Joe is shoved into the box. At this point, Moe says, "Lunch everybody"! As they leave someone says, "What about the stunt double". Moe says, "Oh I almost forget about him" He goes over to the lunch box and says, "Break for an hour of lunch".

1959 Maharajah skit/ Three sSooges perform their famous Maharajah skit in which is talking to the Maharajah (Curly Joe who appears to not be able to see with those glasses on.) This was the last time the Three stooges would appear on the Steve Allen show.