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The Three Stooges, fully titled as "The Three Stooges in Brides is Brides" on the title screen, is a 1984 arcade game by Mylstar Electronics. It is based on the comedy act of the same name.


Players must help the Three Stooges find their fiancees, Cora, Nora and Dora, who were kidnapped by the Mad Scientist.


The game features digital voice samples. At the start of the game, up to three players control Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard. In all rooms, players must find the three hidden keys that unlock the exit. Interfering socialites and cops are dealt within typical Stooges-style: face slaps, hammer hits, and the ever-dependable cream pie throws. In the bonus rounds, players must avoid the sour notes of the opera singer, as well as cops, while collecting the three keys to the exit. In the Mad Scientist's laboratory, the players will be able to save only one fiancee, before players must find the other two fiancees. After all fiancees are saved, the game starts over.